Better Life for Women Organization (BELFOW) operating at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region. The focus of this organization’s activity is on women and parents with intellectual disabilities; children in general. It was founded by Agnes Mawuse Anku in Obuasi in the Ashanti region.

It has over the past years of existence offered screening services in schools and counselling to parents particularly to mothers of children with disabilities. It has been working with parents support groups to seek medical rehabilitation for some of the children in need and teaching parents income generating activities.


BELFOW seeks to promote the well being of the vulnerable women and parents of children with intellectual disabilities. To co-ordinate and give the support through advocacy, education and income generating activities in order to minimize the impact of the parents and the children themselves and the society at large.


BELFOW’s vision is to champion the cause of the vulnerable women and parents with children of intellectual disabilities.


  • To organize women and parents of children with disabilities in rural communities, give them skill training in diverse vocations to enable them engage themselves in income generating activities to help eradicate poverty and improve their socioeconomic conditions in order to become self-reliant.
  • To carry out advocacy and counseling.
  • To promote education health related issues in guiding members to access free health care for children with disabilities.
  • To work in close collaboration with other non-governmental/civil societies/organizations within and out of Ghana.
  • To organize public forums, workshops and leadership training for members.
  • To establish small scale enterprise for the sole purpose of generating income to support the activities of the association
  • To promote the fundamental human right of children with intellectual and physical disabilities.


It’s open to all women and parents of children with intellectual disabilities and all persons, who show interest in the aspirations and objectives of the association.